Our redesign project for Anavarza Honey brand coincides with the increased arguments and the skepticism on the purity of packaged honey brands. So as we worked on the brand’s new logo, icon, packaging designs and communication platform, we needed to differentiate and pull ourselves away from the discussions. We had to emphasize that honey is not man-made, it is only man-packaged. This led us to our campaing, giving all the credit back to the honey’s actual producers, bees.


As a stand in silence for the perfect produce of the nature, our slogan summarized this miracleous process : “Secret. Patience. Reward”

• 2015, World Packaging Organisation, Food Category, World Star Award
• 2014, Ambalaj Ayyıldızları Awards, All Categories, Golden Award


Before / After

Brand Identity



Before / After


#ArıYoksa Biz de Yokuz

Anavarza Kid


Secret. Patience. Present.

Don’t waste it.

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